Woman Having Anal Sex With Pet Shop Owner Man


An Unforgettable Anal Sex Experience With Pet Shop Owner Man

Lisa was always an adventurous woman, so when she heard about her local pet shop owner, Man, giving away free consultations, she was sure it was the perfect opportunity for a wild adventure. After making the appointment, she was ready to experience things that she never dreamed possible. Little did she know that the free consultation would end up with her experiencing a pleasurable anal sex session.

Greeted By Pet Shop Owner Man

When Lisa arrived at the pet shop, Man greeted her warmly, as if they were long lost friends. He began immediately establishing a great rapport with her and made sure that she felt comfortable and welcome in the shop. After spending some time chatting about the various animals that were being kept there, Man asked for them to move to a private room so they could continue the consultation in more privacy.

He started to explain some of the more complicated procedures and techniques related to animal care. Lisa listened intently to his every word, as she had never heard about the type of care he was talking about. Soon enough, their conversation went from being purely informational to sexual, as Man began to make sexually suggestive remarks to Lisa.

Feeling Pleasure From Anal Sex Session

Lisa was a bit taken aback by Man’s advances, but she also felt quite aroused by being taken seriously and flirted with by someone she had only just met that day. She encouraged him to keep going, and soon enough, they had both shed their clothes and were quickly moving towards the bed. Once there, Man initiated further sexual contact, this time in the form of an anal sex session, something Lisa had never experienced before.

At first, Lisa felt nervous, scared, and uncomfortable with the act. However, Man continuously encouraged her to trust him and to let herself enjoy the sensations that come with anal sex. As the session went on, Lisa soon started to feel an intense pleasure that she had never felt before. Every time Man thrust into her tight hole, deep and hard, her body would tremble and quiver, no longer feeling fear but embrace in the intensity of the pleasure.