The Man Who Fucked His Underemployed Secretary


The man in the video worked in a mundane office job for years where his sole passion lay in tormenting his secretary. She had been working there for longer than she wanted to admit and did as she was told in order for her to keep her job.One unpleasantly cold day, the man decided enough was enough and commanded his secretary to come into the office after hours. The thought of her being there alone terrified her but she had no choice and did as told. Little did she know, he had other plans for her. He may have been her boss at work, but here he was going to be her employer in the most satisfying way. He seduced her with his words and commanded her to do things that left her in a pleasurefilled trance she didn‘t want to leave. They explored each other for hours and they couldn‘t get enough of one another. Their forbidden affair left them feeling proud, satisfied, and undeniably aroused for more. It may have been wrong but, it was also ohsoright for these two underemployed lovers in the Man Who Fucked His Underemployed Secretary.

Category: Blowjob
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