She Put On Her Glasses, Shirt And Fucked Her Beautiful Ass


The room was dark and still; nothing to disturb the quiet except the soft buzzing of an old lamp. Suddenly, there was a rustling as a tall, slender woman stepped out from the shadows. She had blonde hair that was pulled back into a neat ponytail and bright blue eyes that seemed to drink in the darkness around her. She slowly stripped off her clothes and put on a pair of glasses, her slender frame encased in a tight white shirt. Her back arched as she bent over, revealing her pert ass peeking out just slightly from her shirt. She worked her fingers into her body, exploring her inner depths and sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. As if taking her time and enjoying every second of it, her hand moved up and down, circling around her clit before penetrating herself and pushing her arousal to the precipice of fulfillment. With her cries echoing through the room, she came again and again before finally releasing her orgasm with a shudder. The glasses fell off her face as she collapsed onto the bed, satisfied and complete.

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