She Fucked Her Teacher To Get Points In Mathematics


Anna once had ambitions of attending the prestigious University of Cambridge, but Mathematics had always been her Achilles heel. She tried her hardest, but still, her grades weren‘t reflect the effort she was putting in. As the end of the semester grew closer, Anna‘s anxiety set in. Desperate for any grades she could get, she decided to take a breath and confront her elderly professor. The professor could tell something was off as soon as she walked into the room. So, Anna took the plunge and told him she would do whatever it takes to get a good grade in Mathematics. Her professor, in his old age, became aroused by her offer and agreed to award her points if she agreed to pleasure him in lieu of taking the final exam. She hesitated at first, but soon agreed. The pleasure she received that day in her professor‘s office was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. With an A in Mathematics, she was one step closer to her dream of attending the University of Cambridge.

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