Russian Maid Fucks Her Boss During Work Anal


Carla just started her new job as a maid and she was determined to make a good impression. Little did she know that her new boss had a more than professional interest in her. After her first day of work he asked her to stay a bit longer. At first, Carla became nervous.What could he want?,” she thought. But when he grabbed her body firmly and pushed her onto the bed, she found out. Carla was completely overwhelmed by her boss‘s advances but she also couldn‘t help but feel turned on. She let him take her from behind doggy style and then he moved to her other side and speared her with an intense anal session. She felt the pleasure building up inside her, pushing through her body and finally meeting an eruptive climax. Carla left the room embarrassed, but also satisfied. Her new job as a maid just got a lot more exciting!

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