Realtor Man Gives Blonde Woman a House and Fucks


The gorgeous blonde woman stood in the middle of her new home, admiration sweeping over her. She had never dreamed of being able to afford something so beautiful and grand. She couldn‘t help but turn to the realtor man and thank him from the bottom of her heart. He simply smiled in return, a twinkle in his eye that made her heart flutter. Little did she know that her gratitude would be paid back with something much better than money. After showing her around the house, the realtor man took her into the bedroom and closed the door. His hands roamed her body, exploring every inch of her until neither of them could control themselves any longer. They fell into the bed and made passionate love until the night had melted away. When morning came, the blonde woman was curled up in his arms and the realtor man gave her a kiss goodbye, his parting gift of love still burning in her heart as he left.

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