He Rented A House For The Day And Fucked With A Sexy Tourist


He was a man of means who had recently moved to town to take up residence in a trendy new city. One day, while out and about, he stumbled across an invitation to rent a house for the day. Intrigued by this idea, he decided to check it out. The house rental was exactly what he was looking for; a single floor, two bedrooms, and one bath. He immediately began exploring the rooms, when a knock at the door interrupted his reverie. It was a beautiful young tourist who, upon hearing about his stay in the rental, decided she wanted to see it for herself. Eager to meet a new companion, and enticed by her beauty, he welcomed her inside. The two soon began to fall for one another and after a day of flirting and exploring, he steered her into the bedroom where his desires were soon revealed. They pushed all boundaries of physicality together, exploring each other intensely and passionately. Soon enough, they had overcome each other‘s desires, leaving them both mutually satisfied and revitalized; a day well spent indeed.

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