He Got Fucked On The First Date With The Girl He Met In College


He was nervous but excited to meet her the girl he had arranged to meet from college. They made plans to go to the movies but he didn‘t expect what would come next. When she got to the theater, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into a nearby alley. She kissed him passionately, pushing him against the brick wall. His heart raced as he felt her hands tugging at his belt, and suddenly he felt her unzipping his pants. She began to stroke his manhood as her lips made their way down his body. Before he knew it, she was unbuttoning her blouse and pushing him onto the ground. She straddled him, her dress riding up as she lowered herself onto him. He gasped in pleasure as she moaned and moved her hips faster and faster. As he came, she leaned down to whisper in his earHe got fucked on the first date with the girl he met in college“.

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