Clean Woman Rarely Had Sex With Her Classmate


What Does It Mean To Be Clean?

Linda liked to consider herself clean, but she had no real definition of what it meant to her or for others. She had recently started college and everyone around her seemed to be having sex with no commitment attached. That option didn’t appeal to her. Even when she had a fleeting crush on a classmate she didn’t consider it possible because of her firmly held idea of what it meant to be clean. Never in her wildest dreams did Linda imagine that her long-armed, tousle-haired classmate would ask her out on a date. They had lived in the same dorm for the semester already and it was only now that he had finally asked her out.

Linda’s Date Night

With her heart in her throat, Linda accepted the date and went shopping for something to wear. She chose a floral dress that highlighted her curves in all the right places and matched it with a pair of low-heeled sandals. Up until now, Linda had never gone out on a date with someone she was attracted to, let alone the thought of having sex with them. But when her classmate arrived at the dorm to pick her up, she found herself looking forward to the night ahead and all the possibilities it presented.

The Reality of Love

The date night quickly revealed some of the realities of being in love. Linda discovered that despite all of her thoughts and convictions about being clean, she had feelings for her classmate that made her reconsider everything. By the time they arrived at the restaurant, Linda had already decided that she was ready to make an exception to her rules. The hours spent talking about their classes and aspirations flew by and before long it was time for Linda’s classmate to take her home. Instead of going their separate ways, her classmate invited her to his place and their night together further blurred the lines between clean and not clean for Linda.

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