The Playboy Calendar is a beloved tradition that has been around since the magazine’s inception in 1953. Each year, Playboy releases a new calendar featuring some of the most beautiful models from around the world. The 2023 calendar is sure to be no exception.

The Models

Playboy 2023 will feature a range of stunning models from around the world. This year’s calendar will feature twelve different models, each of whom has been carefully chosen for their unique beauty and style. Each model will be featured in a unique and carefully crafted photo shoot to capture the essence of the calendar.


Each Playboy Calendar has its own unique theme that sets it apart from the others. The 2023 calendar will have a theme of “Celebrating the Power of Women.” This theme celebrates the strength and beauty of all women, regardless of race, size, or age. The calendar will be filled with images that honor the beauty and power of women.

The Photographers

The Playboy 2023 Calendar will feature the work of some of the world’s most renowned photographers. These photographers have been carefully chosen for their creative vision and expertise in capturing the beauty of the models and the scenes they will be featured in. The photographers will be shooting in various locations around the world to capture the perfect images for the calendar.

The Calendar

The Playboy 2023 Calendar will be available in a variety of formats, from print to digital. The print edition of the calendar will feature all twelve months, with each model featured in a different month. The digital version of the calendar will have the same images, but in a more modern format that can be easily shared online.

The Launch

The official launch date for the Playboy 2023 Calendar has not yet been announced. However, the launch is expected to be sometime in late 2022. This will give fans plenty of time to get their hands on the calendar and enjoy the stunning images of the models.

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